General Dentistry
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General dentists are your primary dental care providers and they are trained to look after patients of all ages. During your routine appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums, check your existing dental works, take responsibility for diagnoses and treatments, and manage your overall oral health needs.
Our general dentists at Kadam Hi-Tech Dental Clinicoffer cosmetic dental procedures, restorative care, crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, gum disease treatment, sealants, mouthguards, TMJ/TMD therapy, and oral surgery. Whenever required, our general dentists may refer you to any one of our specialists to get you the most appropriate care you need.
How often do I need to see my dentist?
It is recommended that you see your dentist and dental hygienist every six months, or more frequently, for those who are more prone to decay or gum disease such as smokers and diabetics. Your dentist will spot early signs of oral problems and manage them before they get more serious. Your dentist will also check your mouth for signs of oral cancer.
Regular teeth cleaning with your dental hygienist is also very important in preventing plaque buildup and gum disease
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