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Advanced Dental Hospital & Implant Center

Autoclave Technology
This is a revolutionising technology as it provides a feedback on the sterilization process by a unique color coding. The material is used only once the sterilization process is complete.

In this technology, the steam entering the

chamber from the water reservoir displaces the air as it leaves the chamber. The combination of pressurization of the chamber, steam and a high temperature for a prolonged period has the ability to kill virtually all microorganisms. A typical cycle for wrapped instruments includes heat-up and pressurization time, followed by a 15-to-30-minute cycle during which sterilization is taking place (121°C at 15 psi).

Kadam Hi-Tech Dental Clinic

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Adyanced Dental Hospital & Implant Center


Effective and efficient infection control in the dental office is essential for the safety of patients. Kadam Hi-Tech Dental Clinic, sterilization is given utmost importance and we comply to all international standards of sterilization. Some of our practices that we employ in every dental treatment at all our clinics are:

Disposable Items

We use disposable items like surgical face masks, eye glasses, patient drapes,gloves, plastic cups and other similar consumables wherever possible to maintain hygiene during our treatment.

Surface Disinfection

All surfaces that might possibly come into contact with infection-carrying materials are disinfected with approved chemicals between each treatment.